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And so on with the rest; things desirable in the eyes of some are regarded by very many as worthless. Now the people who have no scruples as to the requests they make to their friends, thereby allow that they are ready to have no scruples as to what they will do for their friends; and it is the recriminations of such people which commonly not only quench friendships, but give rise to lasting enmities.

Among many other occasions I particularly remember one.

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Scipio, as you are aware, had abandoned his friendship for Quintus Pompeius on my account; and again, from differences of opinion in politics, he became estranged from my colleague Metellus. Say what you mean to do and then do it. The Latin word for friendship—amicitia—is derived from that for love—amor; and love is certainly the prime mover in contracting mutual affection. To not one of these opinions do I assent. The old families seem not to have been so ready to oppose the rise of the novus homo to the praetorship. Though a man be of so churlish and unsociable a nature as to loathe and shun the company of mankind, as we are told was the case with a certain Timon at Athens, yet even he cannot refrain from seeking some one in whose hearing he may disgorge the venom of his bitter temper. University of Queensland Press. The fair course is first to be good yourself, and then to look out for another of like character. Commentariolum petitionis. When these are added to the original impulse of the heart, to which I have alluded, a quite surprising warmth of feeling springs up. De Natura Deorum. But, after all, even the famous meeting of the 5th of November, in the house of M. Recognovit Wilhelm Friedrich.

Kinapenne, C. We should see this most clearly, if it were possible that some god should carry us away from these haunts of men, and place us somewhere in perfect solitude, and then should supply us in abundance with everything necessary to our nature, and yet take from us entirely the opportunity of looking upon a human being.

Another sect, I am told, gives vent to opinions still less generous. I prefer speaking of Scipio.

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This is the partnership, I say, which combines moral rectitude, fame, peace of mind, serenity: all that men think desirable because with them life is happy, but without them cannot be so.

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