A happy life essay

essay on my idea of best life for class 7

You are not stealing anything, because you have paid for our services. In fact, people themselves are wrong. You cannot be happy if you are in debt, or owe something to somebody.

We hear this, but do we know why it is so. All aim at happiness, but most of us employ wrong means. This experience was particularly important because the cinema was filled with groups of different religious affiliations, who did not see eye to eye, heated confrontations days earlier had put the town on the brink of battle.

The idea of a happy life differs from man to man. Wants must be reduced to the minimum. We all hear this, but no one really tells us why it is so. This essay aims at discussing how codependency can bring about happiness in family life. The law should treat poor people, women, and rich persons in the same way, that is, there should be equality before the law.

essay on being happy

Happy people feel healthier because they are more comfortable with themselves, more likely to help others through things like volunteering, and are usually better educated. Intelligent poor children should be able to study in the best educational institutions just like rich children.

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The Happy Life