A look at the nature of the australian poetry

Yet in the rain we miss things: large thumb-drops pressing each flower into soft earth, a raised eyebrow like an interrupted cadence and along each train line, Sydney sandstone weeping, weeping. Topographical poetry is a genre of poetry that describes, and often eulogizes, a landscape or place. Around the lower edges of the lake, the water bed is full of reeds.

A number of the poets in this anthology work this way but generally, as in the case of the poems by Tranter which have been selected, they are represented here by slightly more conventional poems. I suspect the editors felt the same way but were, here more than anywhere, suffering under constraints of space.

The stream moves in a soft manner.

australia poem

Gleeson and Anne M. Similarly, Lim discusses the connections between the human and the animal in her chapbook, Beastly Eyepublished in There were also, though rather less forcefully, examples of regional and eco-poetries.

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Contemporary Australian Poetry