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The elements were the vision and mission statement of the bank, its clear cut objectives to satisfy its customers, and the brand image of the bank.

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Regarding the limitations of the study it can be said that the recessionary trends being faced currently might have an influence on the satisfaction levels of the customers of retail banking in India. International Journal of Service Industry Management, 9 2 : pp. Again, the study indicates moderate but positive relationship between empathy and customer satisfaction. The statements that load into factor 3, all were concerned with the convenience and comforts that a customer should get from a retail bank and thus was abbreviated as CUSTCONV. The International Journal of Bank Marketing, 10 1 , Journal of Retail Banking, 7 4 , Quality counts in services, too. These findings highlight the opportunity for management to acquire referral business that is inexpensive to obtain. It is quite obvious that employment levels were high among the respondents. Customer defection: A study of the student Market in Ireland. Source: Field Survey, Bloemer et al. H3 There is positive relation between reliability And customer satisfaction in retail banking in supported Ghana. Athanassopoulos et.

Unless the impact of customer satisfaction on the services of the bank is examined managers have little basis for allocation of resources on factors that affect customer satisfaction.

H3 There is positive relation between reliability And customer satisfaction in retail banking in supported Ghana.

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International Journal of Service Industry Management, 5 5 For the purpose of this study dimension available in almost all the banks are chosen. In addition, longer-term customers buy more and, if satisfied, may generate positive word-of-mouth promotion for the company File and Prince, Accordingly, managers in the financial service industry should strive to be customer-centric organization where the emphasis will be on seeking key drivers of customer satisfaction.

The elements were the time taken to resolve a problem, queuing in branch, the products and services offered by the bank, and the continuation with the concerned bank as the satisfaction was there or not.

Journal of Retailing, 64 1 Leeds acknowledged that approximately 40 percent of customers switched banks because of what they considered to be poor service. To sum up, a major contribution of this study is the provision of an approach for the management of the banks to identify the factors of customer satisfaction and future intentions towards them.

Interrelations between service quality attributes, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the retail banking sector in Bangladesh.

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