An overview of toledo

An overview of toledo

Henderson, ordered the nine hundred guardsmen reinforced, bringing the total on duty at Auto-Lite to 1, Thus, the picket lines became a major target of the Auto-Lite management, which went to court to attack them. In the twenties, some workers at Auto-Lite had discussed the possibility of forming a union, but nothing had materialized.

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He did not require previous police experience for the job. The company encouraged Sheriff Krieger to enforce the injunction more energetically. A city employee in the street department, he had built a reputation in Toledo by speaking on socialist themes and by campaigning actively for the new mayor and former Socialist, Solon Klotz.

Guardsmen hurled back rocks thrown from the crowd, also pausing to throw tear gas canisters and to fire tear gas shells. The company made clear the consequence of joining a union that peers had created. No organizer in Toledo declared, as organizers did elsewhere, that "President Roosevelt wants you to join a union"; but the act's implications encouraged key organizers to act, and thousands of workers responded.

Section 7 a of the National Industrial Recovery Act passed in appeared to resolve the legal question. Some are not shared at all, and we are the poorer for it. Miniger, president of Auto-Lite.

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An overview of the Toledo Auto