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Also in the programme, as the US Congress begins a formal investigation into the market dominance of the technology giants of Silicon Valley, our regular contributor, New York-based business journalist Diane Brady, tells us if she thinks the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google have a case to answer.

The five-minute Angry Birds session helps him unwind and provides the kind of passive thinking time he needs to solve problems. Other times, the need to play a video game can be more complex. Will traditional companies catch on to game breaks? Sorry, this episode is not currently available The future of the video games industry As the biggest event for video games, E3, opens in Los Angeles we look at gaming's future.

Long work hours — sometimes more than hours per week — make processing information more difficult later in the day, he said, and taking video game breaks helps relax and motivate him, giving him more energy to work into the evening.

Employees reported spending 22 minutes playing video games during an eight-hour workday. Picture: Attendees at E3 in Los Angeles. For example, sales people might track their earned sales commissions and compete with colleagues to meet a certain sales goal through a smartphone app that mimics playing a video game.

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Outside of start-ups, though, many traditional companies still feel games are unproductive. Picture credit: Getty Images.

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Gaming worth more than video and music combined