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Since Septemberthe French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dedicated a priority solidarity fund for the project. Until then, the shipping industry should act in accordance with the best management practices for Somalia-based piracy and the interim guidelines.

Likewise, Articles 11, 12 and 13 regarding information sharing, incident reporting and assistance among signatories are based on Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the Djibouti Code.

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Article 14 2 invites signatories to institute regular meetings to enhance cooperation and coordination in their maritime enforcement activities. In this sense, implementation of the Code may be hampered due to the limited ability of signatories.

Pirates are often associated with criminal gangs involved in the illegal fuel trade.

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In the yearNima moved to Dubai to work with The Business Channel, the world's first bilingual English Arabic global broadcaster where she created, produced and presented current affairs and business programmes in both languages.

She went on to work for MBC, the first private free-to air Arabic satellite broadcaster, as a producer and reporter. In addition, the widespread corruption and lack of effective prosecution of pirates in Nigeria also stimulates the growth of piracy in the country.

Fortunately, there is a growing consensus for the need of a joint response to tackle the problem.

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Differences in the wealth and capacity of signatories are expected to affect their implementation capabilities at the national level. Filmed on location across the region, the programme explores what it's like to live and work in the Middle East and how political and social issues affect the economic climate and business. There have also been issues of failure of prosecuting agencies of government, including the Police and the State Security Service, to ensure that piracy suspects face justice. States should adopt legislation that criminalises piracy and impose universal jurisdiction for it so that suspected pirates can be tried irrespective of their nationality and the geographical location of the piratical incident. It is imperative that the regional institutions develop mutual arrangements to implement their own maritime strategies effectively. An integrated approach to maritime surveillance operation is vital to prevent piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. To counter the symptoms and causes of piracy, the countries need to improve regional dialogue on the issue. This would facilitate an effective maritime security intervention through a regional security system. To achieve this, the regional countries have to effect significant changes in the law and establish an elaborate legislative framework that grants extra-territorial jurisdiction to the courts. The Nigerian Government has taken steps to address the causes behind piracy. In this way, the criminal activity around the Niger Delta led to the development of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. She went on to work for MBC, the first private free-to air Arabic satellite broadcaster, as a producer and reporter. This can be done by providing assistance with training and equipment for agencies responsible for maintaining and regulating good order at sea. The definition also includes facilitation and incitement of any acts as mentioned above.

Another convention under which piratical acts are considered as offences is sua. Despite various measures taken to prevent piracy, the problem has shown no signs of abating.

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Therefore, it is in their strategic interest to develop local maritime capacity. The main purpose of the Convention was to address maritime terrorism. The rise of piracy in the region is due mainly to lack of good governance practices. The country co-sponsored un Security Council Resolution , which called on regional bodies to take strong action against perpetrators of piracy in the region. This would have allowed them to operate inside territorial waters of coastal states in the region. Further, the possibility of foreign warships being a target of attack by pirates may undermine the usefulness of any such deployment. Article 6 3 of the Code of Conduct reiterates that any pursuit of ship extending in and over the territorial sea of a signatory is subject to the authority of that signatory, and no signatory should pursue such a ship in or over the territorial sea of any coastal state without the permission of that state. The international partners should therefore concentrate on developing economic governance along the coast, particularly in the Niger Delta. Thus, a number of donor states and other relevant international entities are working on multiple projects at different levels to address maritime insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea. The Nigerian Government has also renewed its efforts to strengthen security in the maritime domain.

In addition, there is a strong criminal network in operation that involves officials at all levels of government selling oil to buyers across Nigeria and in neighbouring countries.

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