Blood diamonds illegal trade

If governments don't accept "the recommendations made by the Kimberley Process, then we need to have penalties for noncompliance, but [the process] doesn't have them," said Smillie.

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It's impossible to know if that statistic is truly accurate, because diamonds are very easy to smuggle out of these war-torn countries. However, after the mines in Brazil started to dry up and the power of the Netherlands began to fade Amsterdam started to lose importance in favour of Antwerp, its biggest rival on the diamond industry, also a culturally Dutch city that would become the diamond's capital of the world. For instance, the Kono district in Sierra Leone has been mined for 70 years, but they still have no basic facilities, like electricity and repairing of roads. Yet up to 20 percent are obtained through artisanal mining, a practice that employees around 1. Houses are destroyed because of the civil wars. Due to the fall of prestige of diamond industry after the scandals involving blood diamonds De Beers and other diamond companies started to establish more transparent roots of diamond trading to avoid new scandals. Both governments and companies in the diamond supply chain are to blame for this. But with just one or two member states able to veto any punitive action against abuses or infringements of the KP scheme, no decisive action has been taken against Zimbabwe. Antwerp's diamond industry The Antwerp's diamond industry is concentrated in a part of the city called the diamond district or Diamantkwartier, which covers a complete square mile. Kindamba has no idea where the diamonds come from. One gives an excited yelp, fishes out a sliver of diamond the size of a peppercorn and hands it to an overseer sitting in the shade of a striped umbrella. The settlement cleared Omega Diamonds of all charges.

Since Zimbabwe has officially exported over 2. It shows that the production of conflict diamonds still exists in Sierra Leone.

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They also perform other jobs like applying colour and crafting jewellery. Because of this there was a big international pressure for the ending of the trading of the Angolan diamonds inby the UN Security Council resolution The settlement cleared Omega Diamonds of all charges.

A similar situation happened in Sierra Leone with RUF group and its war against government Low Lands, a land of diamonds Until the 19th century most diamonds came to Europe from India through the ports of Bruges, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Hundreds of miners die every year in tunnel collapses that are seldom reported because they happen so often.

However non-compliance by countries such as Venezuela has led to the failure of accountability.

Blood diamonds illegal trade

Both governments and companies in the diamond supply chain are to blame for this. Take Action The unfortunate reality is that diamonds tainted by abuse from Marange or elsewhere can still reach the global diamond market easily. Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world. Kindamba has no idea where the diamonds come from. According to the law, diamond companies investigated by fraud could avoid prison by paying a sum of money to the public prosecutor, as well as fight back the judicial backlog, and prevent, in many cases, a deeper investigation. Because of this Anthony Oppenheimer, CEO of the company, stopped buying Angolan diamonds except the ones provided directly by the Angolan government. This money was used to fund a war were the RUF committed a series of crimes such as rape, mass killings or mutilations. This phenomenon has its roots in marketing by the diamond industry -- ruled largely by the company De Beers -- and has reaped benefits for decades. They even burned entire villages. They can choose fair-trade apparel that benefits the cotton farmers and seamstresses who produced their clothing. The United Nations adopted a historical resolution in favour of designing the certification scheme of the Kimberley process KPCS , established in While buying diamonds from a conflict-free country like Canada can buy you a clean conscience, a better bet may be African countries like Botswana and Namibia. He in turn will sell his purchases up the chain to one of the more established agents, who will collate several packets before making the journey to Tshikapa, where the streets are lined with small shop fronts adorned with hand-painted images of diamonds and dollar signs.

Since diamonds are used as a funding source, they also created opportunities for tax evasion and financial support of crime.

Belgium took an active role in the establishment of the process.

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Blood Diamonds & Violence in Africa