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This is a question which has reiterated itself through the social sciences for over a century.

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Long after the British formally colonized Igboland, they had not fully mastered the territory. They also created federations in West Africa and Central Africa. Piled up on the surface of Europe and North America were dozens if not hundreds of shiny gold stones.

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While France tried to maintain this highly centralized system, in some parts of its colonies where it encountered strongly established centralized state systems, the French were compelled to adopt the policy of association, a system of rule operating in alliance with preexisting African ruling institutions and leaders. The governor was responsible to the colonial office and the colonial secretary in London, from whom laws, policies, and programs were received. The Scramble for Africa But other factors played an important role in the process. The Colonization of Africa Ehiedu E. The Sahara in the north and Namib and Kalahari in the south. Because European colonies were mainly located on the coast, the coastal forest natives gained wealth and power far superior to the people of the inland savanna. I venture to examine how colonialism is viewed, introducing you to a variety of texts which expose you to different views and debates about what Africa may well have been like today, had the colonization never taken place. But as the length of some resistance struggles amply demonstrates, Africans put up the best resistance with the resources they had.

This is despite the fact that they opposed the harsher aspects of colonialism. During this sixteen-year period, he used a variety of strategies, including guerrilla warfare, scorched-earth programs, and direct military engagement.

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Underdeveloped countries however have long struggled to catch up and their progress have been greatly hindered by the heavy historical baggage left by exogenous groups. This art became an indispensable tool that provided justification for instituting colonization in Africa.

While these were used as needed by African forces, the dominant type used depended on the political, social, and military organizations of the societies concerned.

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One of their main goals was to stop the slave trade that had done so much damage previously.

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The Colonization of Africa