Controlling the past present and future

In today's world, the quote reminds us that we need to continually question the authority of oligarchs, that we need to be able to recognize when we are being manipulated, and that the dangers of being manipulated, whether to take action or not, can be devastating.

Unitary evolution preserves the spectrum of the quantum state i. In order to perform fault-tolerant quantum computations, the system dynamics must be controlled with an unprecedented level of precision, which requires even more sophisticated designs of control pulses than in high-resolution spectroscopy.

who controls the past controls the future meaning

Equation 1 adequately describes the coherent quantum dynamics of a molecular system interacting with a laser electric field in the dipole approximation or a spin system interacting with a time-dependent magnetic field.

For example, it may be possible to use this method to move the ground-state wave function beyond a barrier obstructing the target reaction channel. The corresponding Mayer-type cost functional is where is an appropriate normalized matrix norm e.

Due to their effectiveness in various applications, chirped laser pulses are widely used in quantum control.

those who control the present control the past and those who control the past control the future

While control of an isolated spin by a time-dependent magnetic field is a simple quantum problem, in reality, NMR spectroscopy of molecules containing tens or even hundreds of nuclei involves many complex issues such as the effect of interactions between the spins, thermal relaxation, instrumental noise and influence of the solvent.

Due to these factors and other technical issues e.

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Quote by George Orwell: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who ”