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Effects of Environmental Pollution on Health Effects on Air Dust and carbon particulates suspend in the air in the form of haze, smog and smoke are damaging respiratory systems. Fuel combustion is now a very basic requirement for transport, cooking and some other activities both domestically and industrially.

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It causes cancer, bronchitis, respiratory diseases in children and adults; liver, lung and heart diseases; nasal dysfunction due to infection, allergies and inflammations of throat are the effects of air pollution. These changes could be in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of air or water that are harmful to human life and other living things. The living things include animals, plants, and other microorganisms, whereas air, water, soil, sunlight, etc. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates! For instance — Industrial waste — The waste generated from different industries is a major cause of water, air and soil pollution. Factors that Led Environmental Degradation There are basically two factors namely: 1. The unnecessary honking of the vehicles, use of loudspeakers lead to noise pollution. Despite numerous efforts by the government to manage polluting emissions from the industries and use alternate traffic mechanisms, the air condition continues to deteriorate. One of the dangers of using a chemical as a biocide is that it tends to become concentrated in soil. This imbalance threatened the very survival of all forms of life. Main causes of soil pollution include Industrial wastes such as harmful gases and chemicals, agricultural pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides, ignorance towards soil management and related systems, unfavourable and harmful irrigation practices, improper septic system and management and maintenance of the same, leakages from sanitary sewage, acid rains, when fumes released from industries get mixed with rains, fuel leakages from automobiles, that get washed away due to rain and seep into the nearby soil, improper waste management techniques, which are characterized by release of sewage into the large dumping grounds and nearby streams or rivers. The largest source of water pollution in India is the untreated sewage water. Industrial development and the green revolution have had a negative impact on the environment.

Pathogens: Many wastewaters especially sewage contain many pathogenic disease causing and non-pathogenic micro-organisms and many viruses. It is the responsibility of every individual to save our environment from getting polluted.

The most important harmful effects are prenatal disorders, infant mortality, respiratory disorders, allergy, malignancies, cardiovascular disorders, and increase in stress oxidative, endothelial dysfunction, mental disorders, and various other harmful effects.

This type of contamination influence health of humans, affects the growth of plants, decreases soil fertility, and changes the soil structure. Natural factors such as drought, storms on sea, land and deserts such as hurricanes, tornadoes, carina and volcanic eruptions.

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The list is unending. Due to environmental pollution, the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day.

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The disease claimed 50 lives and permanently paralyzed over persons.

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