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Families who do not adhere to this policy are charged fines and are pressured to abort second or third pregnancies and to undergo sterilization surgery. While this is a bit of an exaggeration, it has been noted over the past several decades that there is an alarmingly imbalanced sex-ratio. Still to be noted is the fact that such giving birth into a second child is subject to confirmation by the legal justice system and should be based on birth spacing provisions of three to four years. One of the reasons for overpopulation was because of the vast number of births from exceptionally young couples. However, in the 19th and the 20th century China suffered form serious problems, which resulted from huge numbers of population. Eugenics is a system of improving human population by promoting the most socially desirable individuals to reproduce while preventing the socially undesirables from reproduction. For example, in certain areas of rural China, couples are allowed to have two children. When China was under the leadership of Mao who believed that a strong nation must have large population, the population of China increased rapidly until it reached its double. She then get pregnant, 5 months down the road they find out that it is a girl. There are positive and negative results to having such a policy. Social facts are social structures and cultural norms and values that stand apart from and impose themselves on people

This allows them to fully supervise their children as well as keep their quality of life to a higher standard. China's family planing efforts have dropped the population growth from 3.

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From learned testimonies, statistics of the wellbeing of those involved, and research conducted, people have learned that the policy provides China with more harm than justice for the society In China created a policy called the "One Child Law" which limits couples to only one child The law allows for having more than one child particularly in rural areas if the first child is proved to be physically and mentally impaired.

It is possible to have two children only if the first child is born with a disability, if parents work.

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After the growth of more than 1. Gu 42 China's one-child family policy was first announced in The law dictates that each family should legally have only one child. A typical Chinese family today includes a married man and woman with one child, and this is generally known as the core family.

There is no doubt that all countries should work together to keep the overall population under control, but China certainly seems to have the major responsibility. It is due to this reason that family planning is becoming a major controversial concept in many nations.

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Related Essays. The one child policy The one child policy in china is a population control strategy by the Chinese government which dictates couples to have only one child. With the evidence that more couples would opt for a smaller family, though, it is encouraging that the need for coercion at a local level is diminishing. Flourishing government policies prove to be efficient and effective when implementation is deemed successful. Nothing, because they have no choice. This change in preference has completely overturned the traditional Chinese view that having sons is always the top priority in a family because they pass on the family name and watch over their parents as they age Firth. Due to the one-child policy there are many serious human rights infractions. This policy was designed to reduce crowding and to maintain a stable economy. In order to understand what social impacts the one child policy has created in China it important to evaluate the history of this law. It is due to this reason that family planning is becoming a major controversial concept in many nations. As an attempt to slow down the increasing populace, China applied this restriction in as they were rapidly reaching the one billion citizens mark. To the current rate of 1. This would help lower fertility rate and could bring some people out of poverty Until a century ago, many Chinese families included multiple generations living in the same household.

This increase of population will add more stress to the resources of the world. For example, in certain areas of rural China, couples are allowed to have two children.

The policy created to decrease the over all population of the country preventing famine and other obstacles has had several unforeseen consequences.

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There are certain exemptions to this policy. However, recently China has been losing its advantages in the export sector, which its economy is heavily reliant on. Government policy is important to the organization of countries. Following the One-Child Policy has some benefits. Wealthy people can get away with not having to pay fines when they break the policy because they have the money to pay the fines or they choose to go overseas to have another child Grant 1. In a speech, Deng Xiaoping drew the first outlines of a policy to limit population growth, "Use whatever means you must to control China's population. The reasoning is that since individuals can no longer rely on their children to take care of them in their old age, saving for retirement and the final years is increased, giving most Chinese more money to invest. Son preference rooted in Chinese agriculture-based economy and historical feudalism, in consistence with the reliance on laborers and continuing the family line. The exceptions and work arounds generally mean though, that the birth rate is China is closer to 1. The one child policy has limited the number of young people coming into the work force, and with modern medicine the life expectancy was From to , Chinese population growth is about 6.
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