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These political ideals have remained on the horizon as each successive president sought to centralize power in his office. Negotiations started inwith Chad and a consortium of oil companies signing a year oil concession in the southern Chad region of Doba.

Representatives for COTCO claimed that the leak was contained within a few hours and that the amount of spilled was not sufficient to cause any harm, though local fishermen did claim to have seen traces of the oil ashore.

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Background[ edit ] The original consortium of oil companies involved in the pipeline project were ExxonRoyal Dutch Shelland Elf Aquitaine. Chad-Cameroon's community engagement In recent years the project has had little need for more land in or around the OFDA and the pipeline corridor, resulting in a significant reduction in compensation being paid to individuals and communities.

A estimate by the CIA claims Chad has only main phone lines in use.

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The safeguards were considered crucial given that reserves are only expected to last 30 years; the oil bonanza is Chad's one chance at rapid development. The first occurred on January 15, The World Bank would eventually leave the pipeline project, but other financial institutions and companies have remained in the project.

There has been much controversy regarding the alleged degradation the coastal reefs during construction. Critics fear that little of the income will reach the poorest populations, much will be lost through incompetence and corruption and that a large part will finance military and political interests under the guise of national interest.

The revenue management law also created the Petroleum Revenue Oversight Committee, which oversees how the oil revenues are spent, and includes members of both the Chadian government and civil society.

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