Fraternities and sororities

fraternities and sororities fraternities/sororities

Employers who were once members of a Greek group themselves are more likely to employ fellow members, Angulo says. Often fraternities and sorority houses called lodges or chapter houses are located on the same street or in close quarters within the same neighborhood, which may be colloquially known as "Greek row" or "frat row".

All four of the schools responded by suspending Greek activities on their campuses.

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Greek organizations provide a calendar of social activities including formals, Homecoming, mixers, athletic activities, retreats, informal get-togethers, and other special events. Our aim is to build partnerships with our student life colleagues and with industry leaders that lead to sustainable solutions to these vexing challenges.

Hazing is technically forbidden, but the reality is that it still happens and is fairly widespread. How much time does fraternity or sorority membership require?

That was an increase of nearly 2 percentage points from the survey. Such prospective candidates are known as "legacies". And that time commitment does not end once pledging is over.

It found that they are 11 percent more likely to stay with their study programs between the first and second years in college, a point when many students leave.

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Fraternities and sororities