Gender and the early years

Blue for boys. We want some individual settings, and some that are part of a larger nursery chain.

gender inequality in childhood

Homes and computers The girls dominated the home corner area whilst the boys preferred the outside space and the computers. It will help guide them towards seeing things more equally. Have you thought about how you equality-proof your early childhood service for non-sexist messages and how you might alter the early childhood care and education physical environment?

Even if there are only small numbers of men, what is it that makes things gel, and allows the mixed-gender debate to take place? The teacher asked who did domestic chores at home and who used the family computer.

stereotypical play activities

Having male practitioners around to offer a more diverse teaching environment is a great way of doing this, but they are famously difficult to find. How might you counter what the children are saying about male and female roles? This is one of the many ways that we treat the genders differently, and it relates to the idea that we see girls as more nurturing and boys as more boisterous.

This guidance from Foundation Years mentions two clear parts of this guidance. There is no doubt that stereotypes can be incredibly harmful.

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Gender equity in the early years: Browne: Books