History of the 3g technology

They had participated in the definition phase and hoped to be the beneficiaries of research funding. Such was the outcome when Switzerland conducted its auction in December What does it bring to the table?

The evaluation of the proposals was completed during but during early it was necessary to gain some form of consensus. It was not until the early s that progress was seen.

At that time telephones either connected to a fixed point or to a vehicle on the move. But nevertheless it was the next step in mobile technology. LTE was created as an upgrade to the 3G standards.

3g lte

Various uses of 3G While India takes its first 'baby' steps towards 3G, the rest of the world has moved on. The net exploded on to the planet and took over became the medium of the masses to communicate, share information and more importantly to stay connected, creating online lifestyles.

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UMTS 3G History