How bad do you want it

How bad do I want it?

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It can be to be a good runner, or a writer or whatever. My take away?

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Do you hold yourself accountable to your words? The only timeline we are exposed to is our own lives. Choking under pressure is a form of self-consciousness. I would tell myself that I would succeed and believe that I would succeed in the future. In summary The fastest racecourse is the one with the loudest spectators. Acknowledgments 1. It will give you many of the latest tools and theories for doing just that, written in a way that allows you to apply them to your running, from the first to the last page. Not bad enough apparently. A superb book…If you want to succeed at your next race, to break through to a new PR, or reach a new level in your running, then I highly suggest this book. I felt like the author drew a lot of cause-effect conclusions that weren't necessarily logical and made his strategy fit the story, but nevertheless there were some worthwhile ideas.

Time and space have no mercy on us, and the sooner you realize this the faster you will start living life the way you want to. The only thing I probably got out of this book, is knowing more about how Tour de France works, based on the numerous stories.

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Their own words reinforce what the research has found: strong mental fitness lets us approach our true physical limits, giving us an edge over physically stronger competitors. If you truly want something, you will stop waiting and start doing.

Actions speak louder than words.

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The Question should be asked every single day.

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How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah)