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The report must document features and artifacts uncovered through the use of remote sensing, walkover surveys, shovel testing and excavations. Do not cite titles that you have not read or consulted. What is known, and not known, about the subject? The report must articulate the project goals. Delineate the project area. Be sure to describe any unanticipated problems you encountered and note the limitations of your study. Always approach your field study with a detailed protocol about what you will observe, where you should conduct your observations, and the method by which you will collect and record your data. Scan Sampling -- this method involves taking a census of the entire observed group at predetermined time periods and recording what each individual is doing at that moment. Colorado State University; Hazel, Spencer.

Be skeptical. Two helpful publications are W.

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Archival research is conducted prior to field work. Interpretation and Analysis Always place the analysis and interpretations of your field observations within the larger context of the theories and issues you described in the introduction. The photographs should be used to enhance the report and must be relevant and in the right location within the text, which is also true of the illustrative figures. When you are finished, have someone read your abstract, or the whole paper, and comment on it. This is what separates data gatherings from simple reporting. Getting Started What subject do you find interesting? Provide recommendations for ongoing research at the site.

Animal Behavior Lab. Archival research is conducted prior to field work. For web sites include the author sdate of creation, and the complete URL address.

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Experienced writers write many drafts, typically three or more. Describe the reasons for selecting particular situations to observe.

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A simple line graph depicting declining rainfall in the Bronze Age may show the severity of a drought affecting the Mycenaeans more clearly than the presentation of quantitative data in a table.

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Writing Guide in Archaeology