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The downside of this validation is the user has to submit the data to the server for processing and wait for the response. Execution of the form submission is also aborted.

How to create api in codeigniter step by step

In order to create the database, go to the Application Management tab and launch the database manager. If the validation passes, we are simply redirecting to the list contacts page. This permits you to extend the validation class to meet your needs. If there is an error, the message will appear. Execution of the form submission is also aborted. Note: You can host unlimited applications on a single server. We also learned how- to set validation rules and out error messages using CodeIgniter's built-in validation library. If you submitted something invalid, or perhaps missed a required item, the form is redisplayed containing your data along with an error message describing the problem.

You fill it in and submit it. Data sanitization — the validation library also has capabilities that remove malicious code from the submitted data for security reasons. The password field must match the password confirmation field.

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We have ended the lesson by implementing the knowledge gained in a practical application. You can see that the form field data was passed to your callback method for you to process.

The disadvantage of client-side validation is the user has control over it. Unique Validation If we want to validate the contact number to ensure that we do not save the same number twice, we can use the following rule to do that.

In summary, the tutorial project builds a contacts management app that will store the details in the database. However, the benefit of using the helper is that it generates the action URL for you, based on the URL in your config file.

Codeigniter form validation example

I will also use the codeigniter-restclient library. There are numerous rules available which you can read about in the validation reference. The major advantage of server-side validation is you have greater control and you are assured of your validation rules working even if the user disables JavaScript in the browser. Under normal circumstances we would write the data to the database. Client-side validation is done on the part of the web browser. This uses up network resources and may degrade the performance. Form validation, while simple to create, is generally very messy and tedious to implement. Give it a try! A controller method to receive and process the submitted data. You would want to ensure that the email address is unique. We do that by using the following code. The validation rules for this form field.

Note If you would like the field name to be stored in a language file, please see Translating Field Names.

The id and name attribute specify the name and id of the form. If there are no messages it returns an empty string. Create Contact in the previous tutorial, we created routes for our applications and simple views.

codeigniter form validation is_unique example
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CodeIgniter: Form APIs, Validations & Pagination Techniques