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The fact that he is brilliant at his own work perhaps only confounded his frustration with not being able to understand her art, to connect with it. Our job is to keep our receiving equipment in good working order. Not only pictures suffer like this, all the arts suffer like this.

But art, Winterson observes, also takes time that unfortunate interview increasingly gave the sense that time was the missing ingredient of understanding and commitment. And I desperately wanted to speak. I know that whatever the disappointments of one book, I will read her next book. What he has found is that the painting objects to his lack of concentration; his failure to meet intensity with intensity. The fiction, the poem, is not a version of the facts, it is an entirely different way of seeing. If the true artist is connected, then he or she has much to give us because it is connection that we seek. The quality of the draughtsmanship, the brush strokes in thin oils, had a Renaissance beauty, but the fearful and compelling thing about the picture was its modernity. I had fallen in love and I had no language. The time, like the money, can be found, and those who call the whole business elitist, might be fair enough to reckon up the time they spend in front of the television, at the DIY store, and how much the latest satellite equipment and new PC has cost. Where is the painting in any of this? Ordinary life passes in a near blur. Such a life-delighting, art-delighting approach, unashamed of emotion, unashamed of beauty, was what I needed. There will be parts of it that do not sing to your tune. Vital then, we recognise that the question 'Do I like this? And our hearts?

What has changed is my way of seeing I am learning how to look at pictures. Every day this happens to the artist and the art. The obvious direct emotional response is never simple, and ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the 'yes' or 'no' has nothing at all to do with the picture in its own night.

I had better come clean now and say that I do not believe that art all art and beauty are ever separate, nor do I believe that either art or beauty are optional in a sane society.

Art has deep and difficult eyes and for many the gaze is too insistent. All painting is cave painting; painting on the low dark walls of you and me, intimations of grandeur. Winterson throughout the book lauds T. The picture on my wall, art object and art process, is a living line of movement, a wave of colour that repercusses in my body, colouring it, colouring the new present, the future, and even the past, which cannot now be considered outside of the light of the painting. No author so precise, so constant, so unrelenting when it comes to the beauty of a sentence. Shelves: A collection of aesthetic and critical essays, Art Objects is an engaging look at the role of art and the artist in modern life. I think this is too reductive, too facile and, most important, a wrong way to read Winterson. It is not so much influence as it is connection. If Yes, then half of the viewers will admire it on principle, while the other half will dismiss it on principle. What has changed is my way of seeing I am learning how to look at pictures. In fact, it is not essential to like a thing in order to recognize its worth, but to reach that point of self-awareness and sophistication takes years of perseverance.

It is not as hopeless as it seems. The true artist studies the past, not as a copyist or a pasticheur will study the past, those people are interested only in the final product, the art object, signed sealed and delivered to a public drugged on reproduction.

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For myself, now that paintings matter, public galleries are much less disappointing. Only a boor would ignore both and blame his defaulting on the place.

Art from The Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc With that, Winterson considers the heart of that active surrender that art requires of us: I do not believe that art all art and beauty are ever separate, nor do I believe that either art or beauty are optional in a sane society.

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