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Draw on interests that make you stand out or are relevant to the job. A profile and cover letter have the same objective, with the only main difference between them being their length.

Demonstrate you writing skills and ability to communicate effectively. What are the aims for your immediate career. The first point to note is that to be effective profiles should be brief, a maximum of two paragraphs or seven lines and no longer than words long.

Tell the Truth It can be tempting to over-polish a CV and make our educational qualifications or work history sound a little better than they are.

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If you are applying for a fellowship, for example, you won't need to include the personal information that may be included in an international CV. Most employers like simple, conservative and smart CVs that include the necessary information they need; the only difference with the chronological CV is that, after the career summary, you might list some of your main skills and then focus on work experience.

Roles are still well structured and written to ensure the CV remains professional throughout. How can you best highlight your achievements and experience in these areas? So if you have worked for prestigious employers that you would like to name drop then this may not be the best format.

Include power words that will help to reinforce your abilities.

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15 Best CV Examples Guaranteed to Get You Hired