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Challenges of Rabbit Farming in the Western Cape Abattoir The biggest problem that Rabbit farmers or aspiring rabbit farmers would face in the Western Cape is the abattoir. Manage the income properly by spending wisely on the food and cleanliness needs of the rabbits. The rabbits grown should never stay out of food even for a minute when they want it. Some of the clients you can supply rabbits to are individuals, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, butcheries and organisations. Stakeholders were able to assess the infrastructure required and engage in a discussion of the market potential of Rabbit Meat. Feed management The most important part of rabbit farming is feeding. There are many different rabbit breeds, so you have to select which breed you will use, location of your business, and your target market. Rabbit slaughter is restricted to 3 days per week. Care for pregnant rabbits Giving maximum care to pregnant rabbits is important and for this you must identify the pregnant rabbits. Watch for diseases, and watch for bad teeth. When using the cages rabbit housing system, you may not these equipment as some type of cages have inbuilt drinking system, feeding system and nest boxes. Breeding cages ought to be large enough to accommodate the does female rabbits and the kits the offspring.

Covered hutches are all that is necessary. But the number grown should always be much lesser than the space they live in.

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On the other hand, the deep litter system is whereby you keep the rabbits on floors e. If rabbit meat were to be accessible to the general and be supplied in larger quantities, the going price due to high supply would have reduced the overall price of rabbit meat, thereby, making the general populace have access and be able to afford rabbit meat.

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This, it would seem, was the intention of the farm visit, thus to indicate that these issues were known and measures were being put into place to make rabbit farming more attractive. You can get a loan from the bank, or funding from investors, to use as capital to start your rabbit farming business. You have to decide on the size of your rabbit farming business project i. This means that you can easily grow your rabbit farming project over time. Requirements for small farms Rabbit kittens- Start your business from a small point. Rabbit meat is also low in calories compared to all similar white meat i. Requirements for big farms The basic requirement to multiply the number is the rabbit kitten.

Giving the rabbits enough feed ensures that the rabbits get all the essential nutrients needed for growth carbohydrates, proteins,vitamins, minerals, fibre and fat.

Follow the business plan which is given below to start your own profitable rabbit farming business. Rabbits can be grown in terrace, backyard or even your balcony.

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Rabbits are also like dogs which will long for affection and play time.

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Rabbit Farming in South Africa