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There are two types of geotropisms positive geotropism that is exhibited by the roots and negative geotropism shown by stems.

During the last two centuries there has been an increasing tendency to modernise the terminology, though how beneficial that might be is subject to discussion. Know more on Cell Nucleus Structure and Functions.

The best example of extinction is dinosaurs. This is known as electron-positron annihilation. The oldest one being the Noachin, followed by Hesperian and Amazonian. There are a common set of rules known as protocols that are to be followed by all computers for communication.

100 science words with meaning

It is a two terminal device having a P-N junction. Know more on Bose-Einstein Condensate.

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Descriptive human anatomy or works on biological morphology often use such terms, for example, musculus gluteus maximus [13] simply means the "largest rump muscle", where musculus was the Latin for "little mouse" and the name applied to muscles. Find out how you can help support Wikipedia's phenomenal growth.

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Other less common medical areas include first aid and triage. The collection of structuring and formatting tags that are used to create Web pages. Know more on Cyclic Redundancy Check Error. Subatomic particle The word plasmon was well-known around the s for a proprietary dried milk manufactured by the International Plasmon Company, which was added to a number of products to make Plasmon Oats, Plasmon Cocoa, and Plasmon Biscuits.

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List of Scientific Terms