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However, they also need to demonstrate that they will seek appropriate support and guidance through supervision and that they are clear as to the value and purpose of supervision. The authors found that it is necessary to consider the following to enable children and young people to exercise influence: With which children should current resource holder share resources, to enable them to initiate participatory projects?

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Cognitive - Demonstrate some originality and creativity in dealing with professional level issues. It aims to improve outcomes for children and make sure that agencies work together to take action when a child is at risk or needs support.

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Therefore in order to assess accurately students need to have a good knowledge of child development and an awareness of the importance of observing children.

Children are supported in expressing their views Are you ready to support children expressing their views?

Students will be required to demonstrate that they can use a range of communication skills to both elicit and analyse relevant information.

However, dependant on their previous area of study these will not necessarily be applicable to social work. Students need to demonstrate that they can use both verbal and non-verbal cues to guide interpretation of behaviour and help assess risk. Autonomy - Practise in ways which show a clear awareness of own and others role and responsibilities. While discharging their authority students may encounter aggression or abuse from service users. In being clear about their boundaries we do not want students to lose this personal commitment to individuals. Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People Children and young people's views on participation and principles for practice pdf A series of workshops were undertaken with a total of 76 children and young people between the ages of five and 18 years. Cognitive - Offer professional level insights interpretations and solutions to problems and issues. Morris and Smith developed and evaluated a video of mothers talking about their experiences of investigations. Students need to be clear that it is not acceptable to carry out their duties in an unsafe environment. Managing, presenting and sharing records and reports: Provide clear evidence for judgments and decisions. Because of their previous studies, students should already be able to demonstrate that they can communicate effectively with peers and make formal presentations; however they will require specific teaching on the differences in communicating with children and adults. Is it a policy requirement that children's views must be given due weight in decision making? For example, HEI s might adopt a baseline that if written material is not of a standard which would be acceptable to a Children's Hearing or a Sheriff Court then it is not acceptable to the university. Preparing for social work involvement: Evaluate all information to identify the best form of initial involvement. A local authority must provide accommodation for children who do not have anywhere suitable to live.

In addition, they need to recognise that the act of sharing information does not in itself constitute action to protect. From consultation with a service user representative, it was clear that children and young people valued dedicated workers who actually cared about what happened to them.

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Frameworks for child participation in social care