Small class teaching

At first, it might sound like teaching small classes is easier. This can be incorporated at the end of lessons due to the extra time you may have. Storytelling: Have students tell stories from their own cultures or childhoods.

Small class teaching

Remember to praise them often and save criticism for private interviews. This amount of writing is usually not possible in a larger class because of the additional time needed to teach every step of the process and also to mark the papers.

advantages of small class sizes in college

Whether that means letting them have more freedom deciding on a type of project to do, or letting them pick and lead games, you really can step back and let your students make the class their own.

There are numerous coping strategies and activities that teachers can use to deal with the challenges of timing and student engagement. Teach is a great starting point or engage with educational research.

disadvantages of small class size
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7 Tips For Teaching Smaller Classes