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With the submission of papers, for those unfamiliar with the process, there are two major potential areas of concern: How Do I Submit Papers? SSRN, like other preprint services, circulates publications throughout the scholarly community at an early stage, permitting the author to incorporate comments into the final version of the paper before its publication in a journal.

See discussion above. Click the radio button for Assistant. Authors retain full rights to any materials they provide to SSRN. Contact Mary Whisner whisner uw.

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Remember that the default search in SSRN looks for words in the author, title, abstract, and keywords field. Publication Agreements As an author, consider whether you will still have the right to use your article in future works, to distribute it to your students, and to post it on the web for instance, on SSRN.

If it is not clear from the face of your paper that you have the copyright, SSRN staff may ask you to show that you have permission to post. When you are finished making your changes, please be sure to click the "Submit to SSRN" button located on the last page of the revision process.

Does it restrict your right to post? Read your publication agreement.

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