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She plied him with milk for his ulcer. As of , Streep holds the record for nominations, with One of Hollywood's early tall leading ladies, standing over 5' 7" in an era when most actresses were only a little over 5' 0". Over the course of her long and prolific career, she made dozens of films and garnered a stunning twelve Academy Award nominations, winning four. Yet there was part of him that wanted to remember his loathsomeness. Hepburn was enthusiastic about the film, but it met with a tepid response and she was described as miscast. After the critical and box-office success of Woman of the Year, MGM was eager to get Tracy and Hepburn into another film as soon as possible.

Pat and Mike was the last film Hepburn completed on her MGM contract, making her free to select her own projects. She and Walter Brennan are the only actors to win 3 Oscars on 3 consecutive nominations.

Miss Hepburn's characterization is one of the finest seen on the screen". She left Hollywood to look for a stage project, and signed on to star in Philip Barry's new play, The Philadelphia Story.

It was fun.

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She got her big break into screen acting when an RKO Radio Pictures talent scout spotted her in a Broadway performance and offered her an audition for a role starring opposite John Barrymore in the film A Bill of Divorcement.

Her last Hollywood film credit came inmore than 60 years after she made her memorable debut in A Bill of Divorcement.

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Finally, on March 1, she found a way to say what was on her mind. Tracy, his eyes darting right and left, lumbered onto Stage 8 at Columbia Studios at A. Usually the home behind the white picket fence would have been off-limits, but Mary was gone, so she let herself in. She introduced into her roles a strength of character previously considered to be undesirable in Hollywood leading ladies. She looked a lot like Kate and was an actress. While she waited for them, she tried to administer oxygen. I mean, if you've done it that's great, but "what are you going to do now? What followed set the tone of their screen relationship.

Became very fond of Christopher Reeveboth as an actor and as a person, when he made his Broadway debut opposite her in the production of "A Matter of Gravity". Her television debut in as the mother in a version of Tennessee Williams' — moving The Glass Menagerie was not favorable.

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Katharine Hepburn died on June 29,at the age of 96 in the same house in which she had grown up. Honestly, I couldn't look at her, she was so funny.

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