The precepts of ptah hotep

Lo, it is the pillar for the whole land. If compared with the language of the monumental record, scholars situate its composition in the Vth Dynasty. As for the vivacity of an ardent heart, temper it; the gentle man penetrates all obstacles.

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Lay down rules for yourself from the first: not to absent yourself even when weariness overtakes you. Although they are the means which are suitable for arriving at the maat, and it is that which makes them precious, their memory would recede from the mouth of men.

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This author saw in the historical vizier Ptahhotep a recent, grand example of Maat everybody still knew, would recognize and might adhere to. The wise man is satiated by knowledge: he nourishes his soul by establishing Maat on Earth. Do not speak to him until he has requested: you never know what may displease. Wealth comes only at Ptah's own good-will, and his caprice only is the law; as for him who. Do not spoil the time of your activity; he is a blameworthy person who makes a bad use of his moments. For as for him who is without repugnance for such an act, there is no good sense at all in him. If you heed these things that I have told you all your conduct will move forward, and your wisdom will be fully advanced. The man endures whose guideline is Righteousness, who proceeds according to his paces. Let him alone; then [he will invalidate] himself. Make straight all their hearts; and discourse with him, [for no one is born wise]. There is no profit in things if it is stifled.

Source: From: Charles F. As for that which is hateful according to the law, condemn it by unveiling it. A teachable auditor is formed, because I have attended. If you have become great after having been little, if you have become rich after having been poor, when you are at the head of the city, do not place your trust in your wealth.

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Arkenberg, Dept. The whole body suffers, goodness has turned to evil, all taste is gone. These texts depict to us the divan of the Pasha or Prefect of Thebes: "He sits in the divan, in order to hear the petitions … to give peace to the whole country, dispensing justice without paying attention to bribes, applications, or offerings, and he who has petitioned him has not wept. In Ancient Egypt, the vizier wore a special garment which remained unchanged for thousands of years. In his old age he achieves revered status. But it was still the taxes which furnished corn, the most necessary of provisions, and it is probable that under Ptah-hotep Egypt was engaged solely in filling with it its magazines. Anyone fully fluent in speaking will find no difficulty in being a messenger in reporting. What the Gods loves is action for him.

Say not to him: "You have already recounted this. His conduct is perfect while error carries away the unteachable. No representation is made about texts which are linked off-site, although in most cases these are also public domain.

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The Instructions of Ptahhotep, Kmt/Ancient Egypt