The secret life of bees symbolism

Ray, which would explain his harsh attitude and bitterness. Therefore, Lily makes some odd connection between the mouse bones and the sentimental day on which she learned of her mother's love for her.

Because Lily does not have any of these things, she faces a bleak social reality.

connections in the secret life of bees

Answer: In the beginning of the novel, Lily associates the idea of "mother" only with a legal and biological connection between a woman and her child. Lily goes back to the honey house and throws jars of honey against the wall, making a huge mess but letting out her anger. But when she does learn the truth about Zach, the burden becomes too heavy, for she also learns what everyone else thinks about her frailty, and she ultimately kills herself.

Lily is shocked to hear that T. Ray gave to Deborah is symbolic of T. Lily's first reaction, when August tells her Deborah married T. She also teaches Lily about beekeeping, a skill handed down from mother to daughter. Lily also learns that society will not always make room for love.

However, when the bees eventually fly away, Lily realizes that she must do the same and run away from her home.

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The Secret Life of Bees Essay Questions