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The present research works look to know the impact of motivation on the performance of employees in Ramchandrapur High School. Motivation is considered as one of the most imperative matters in all the organisations, no matters whether it is private or public sector Baldoni, b.

Thus, the different aspects of impact on motivational cases along with employee performance situation Becker, S.

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Further, this research will make clear in what manner motivation creates an impact on the performance of employees. Chapter 2 — Literature Review: This chapter presents the findings of other research on the subject matter along with related definitions from a review of different kinds of literature Creswell, J. Above all, the employees are the most important resource for any organisation. Both motivation concepts strengthen each other, but sometimes intrinsic motivation is diminished by extrinsic motivator Deci1, Some people focus on intrinsic outcomes whereas other entered on extrinsic outcomes Vroom, Close coordination between the employee performance and various jobs is required for overall success of the organisation Lunenburg, It is not possible for any institution to achieve these objectives without motivating their employees. Like job security, training and salary, motivation is also a critical variable that can have a significant impact on the performance of employees and quality of service. The motivation of employees among few elements affecting secondary education stands tall. Intrinsic motivation is mediated inside the individual whereas extrinsic motivation is mediated outside the individual in the form of money, verbal support and other elements Deci1, I would be happy to thank all the research participants who were a great support and part of this successful re-search work.

What are the relationships among motivation and performance of employees within a secondary school like Ramchandrapur High School? Motivation is an urge to perform making individual act the way they need to do.

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Management of school should focus more towards satisfying the extrinsic need of employees to hold the employee for long which subsequently helps to increase the quality of output produced by it. The researchers show that the employees are highly satisfied when they are given challenging tasks. ABSTRACT For many years, motivation has been a key indicator of productive employee performance within an organisation, so it has been an area of major concern for the organisation and human resource managers. The various factors are included in an employee performance like quality and amount of yield, closeness to work, healthy and accommodative nature, opportunities of yield, etc. There is a growing number of cases that any organisation may face a tough time retaining employees because of the aggressive labour market of today and the restricted opportunities available. The level of motivation has direct as well as the positive relationship with the performance of employees along with the organisational commitments Vansteenkiste et al. There should be a reciprocal cooperation for each other between a leader and the employees to attain higher motivation and morality. Ramchandrapur High School R. These ecological variables are beyond the control of the organisational capabilities Lincoln, A. What are the relationships among motivation and performance of employees within a secondary school like Ramchandrapur High School? S In this section past research work regarding the effect of motivation on employee performance is discussed. To achieve the pre-determined goal of any organisation or institution by urging employees to work hard is called motivation Baldoni, a. Motivation comes from the tasks they finish, the level of satisfaction, opportunities for the future progression, organisational environment and the colleagues Kachalla, Their ability and experience are also countable.

S in the context of Bangladesh. To build up the research study Creswell, J.

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The significance of the study and rationale of the research are also included in this chapter. The way to utilise these resources efficiently and effectively by manpower is the pertinent question that arises during the organisational activity.

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