Treatment and interventions for osteoarthritis

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When taking paracetamol, always use the dose a GP recommends and do not exceed the maximum dose stated on the pack. Global estimates reveal more than million people are affected by OA. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in joint fluid, acting as a shock absorber and lubricant.

There is often a conflict between the need for reduced activity and the hazards of subsequent excessive weight gain or diminished exercise reserve. Stretching Slow, gentle stretching of joints may improve flexibility, lessen stiffness and reduce pain.

Do not use capsaicin cream on broken or inflamed skin and always wash your hands after applying it.

Osteoarthritis treatment options

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Start with a list of online and national resources and add local contact information. Exercises such as yoga and tai chi are great ways to manage stiffness. However, it will not cause any damage. OA was diagnosed by using clinical criteria given by American College of Rheumatology for diagnosis of idiopathic OA of knee joints. An X-ray of the knee-narrowing of the joint space is a good indicator of OA. For those with minimal joint pain and dysfunction, many fitness centers have qualified trainers who can design programs to limit joint irritation and improve general fitness. Research is needed to identify the modes of exercise and the effective doses for relief of symptoms and functional limitations. See Resources for osteoarthritis management. Removing or adding a wedge of bone in your upper shinbone or lower thighbone can help straighten out this bowing and shift your weight to the undamaged part of your knee joint. During this procedure your doctor numbs the area around your joint, then places a needle into the space within your joint and injects medication. Figure 1. Photo courtesy of the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Physical therapy clinics are often associated with local fitness facilities. Studies of OA have constantly shown that overweight people have higher rates of knee OA than non-overweight control subjects. Realigning bones.

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Osteoarthritis Treatment