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What was the go east movement in what ways did it motivate the students

The Viet Minh was a revolutionary national liberation movement formed by Ho Chi Minh in to seek independence for Vietnam from France as well as Japanese occupation. The conflict with the US ended in with an peace agreement in Paris. The widespread protests compelled school authorities to take back all students to the school. The French tried to suppress the movement led by Huynh Phu So and declared him mad, called him the Mad Bonze and put him in a mental asylum. Besides, its victory over Russia in proved its military capabilities. What was the effect, of U. This statement can be analysed giving the following arguments. Japan and China.

However, not all teachers and students blindly follow the new curriculum and sometimes even resisted them. The widespread use of chemical weapons—Napalm, Agent Orange and phosphorous bombs—destroyed many villages and jungles.

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The statement can be analysed giving the following reasons. As casualties in the war increased in the s, women were urged to join the struggle in larger number. Why was the Scholars Revolt launched?

describe the go east movement of the first decade of the 20th century

According to him: The economy of the colonies needed to be developed. The US entered the war due to the fear of communism.

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Defeated by the resistance, the French were forced to scrap the rat hunt programme. The Great Depression and the brutality of the French against the workers provided an opportunity to the nationalist leaders to group together.

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The NLF wanted unification of the country. At the Geneva convention held in , after the defeat of France, Vietnamese were persuaded to accept the division of Vietnam into North and South Vietnam. How were his ideas different from those of Phan Boi Chau? Christianity was introduced by French missionaries. Defeated by the resistance, the French were forced to scrap the rat hunt programme. Its own culture and customs were being devalued and the people were developing a master-slave mentality. How was the maritime silk route useful for Vietnam? Civilians died in large numbers. Even when the latter gained independence in , the rulers maintained the use of Chinese governance systems and culture.
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What is a 'go east movement'?